Vanilla Lilikoi Dressing (12 oz.)

from Hawaiian Vanilla Company
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The aroma is rich, and sweeter than traditional Madagascar grown vanilla.


The first day we served this at the Mill, some guests insisted on a bottle of it (even though we had no label for it, or a decent bottle for that matter!), and thus was born a definite winner. We continue to serve this today, and it is still one of our most requested products. Using our lilikoi curd as a base for the blend is what makes this such an incredibly flavorful dressing. Perfect on any selection of organic greens, but especially good on mustard greens, arugula and mizuna.


The Hawaiian Vanilla Company is the only commercial grower of vanilla in the United States. We carefully hand-pollinate each orchid blossom, which blooms only one day per year, for just a few short hours.
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